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What is a Lousaper?:

Lousaper – Lousapers are different from Dark Angels and Fallen Angels. They’re an angel that still holds Holyness and Pride, but their mind has been twisted and their innocence is limited. It’s very hard to differentiate a Lousaper from an Angel because they appear extremely Immaculate despite their oddities of wing and hair colors. The only way to indicate that an Angel is infact a Lousaper (other than their wings and hair) is either one of their eyes is red or they attempt to do good, but unintentionally does bad. Normally these ‘Angels’ prefer to masked their indetities by using a form of shadows to create illusions. Lousapers are also known to be the Sociopaths of the world. They’re neither fallen, dark or light. They linger within the purgatory planes.

What makes them corrupted?:

A Lousaper’s feathers shed off their wings. The more the feathers fall, the more closer to insanity they become. Angels hold their wings as their pride. Wings also act as a protective barrier against diseases. If an angel’s wings are clipped or severed off, they will slowly decay with a flesh eating bacteria and become cannibalistic because they mentally think eating another angel will rejuvenate their body, but in reality it’s decaying them even more on the inside. But to keep from decaying, they have to regain their purity and humanity. They must do good deeds to better themselves and the people who need help in life. If they are successful, their purity is restored and they are saved from the painfully slow death.


Decay (DC): Since Lousapers are technically ‘cursed’ with their loss of humanity, if they do sinister (I.E. Kills an innocent for no reason, rapes another character or NPC ect…) deeds instead of good ones, they lose one feather. This will bring them closer to their ancestor Lucifer, the more feathers a Lousaper loses for spilling blood on the alter. Your Heath Points (HP) takes 1 point in addition to 2 d6. Whatever number you receive in the roll and added 1 will tell you how much sanity you have remaining from that single feather. (HP + 2 d6 + 1 = damage)


Heaven (HN): Humanity is what a Lousapers need in order to re-gain their innocence and live in order to return to Paradise. The more good they do, the more they become closer to Heaven. If your character does a good deed (I.E. Saves another character’s life, heals wounds, ect..) he/she gains 2 feathers on their wings. Your Mind (MND) gains 2 points in addition to 2 d6. Whatever number you receive in the roll and added 2 will tell you how much closer you are to Paradise. (MND + 2 d6 + 1 = Humanity)


Hair Colors: Black, Sapphire, Platinum, Lilac, Mint and Pink.

Skin Tones: Porcelian (bright white), Tan and Cream.

Eye Colors: Ruby, Silver, White (no pupils), sky blue.

Wing Colors: White, Black, Monochrome (One wing white, the other black), Dalmatian.

Fangs: Similar to a Vampire’s. A Lousaper gains fangs the closer to Lucifer they become. Costs 1 freebie.

Horns: Horns vary from different shapes and sizes. They are commonly BLACK but some Lousapers are known to have grown WHITE. Your Lousaper ONLY gains horns the closer to Lucifer they become. Costs 2 freebies.


Lousapers have the ability to reprduce. HOWEVER, they CANNOT create offspring with each other. They can only breed of that of other races, especially humans. A female Lousaper can become pregnant by a human male or males from other species. She remains pregnant for three weeks. If you want to add some spice to your character’s pregnancy and want to know how many offspring she’ll be giving birth to roll 1 d6 (this is if you want to be a daredevil and desire twins or triplets. If you only want her to have a singular child, do NOT do this). The birth affects the female Lousaper’s Health Points by 2 points damage by a 2 d6. (HP + 2 d6 + 2 = damage). Female Lousapers take up to 3 days (3 Adventure days) to fully recover from birth.

However, if your character is a Lousaper male and he impregnates a human female, she goes through the same pregnancy length as a female Lousaper. The only difference is, it affects the human mother by 3 Health Points by a 2 d6. Rarely the (human) mother survives the birth of the child but she’d still have a chance if you roll on it. (HP + 2 d6 +3 = damage). A human female can take up to 5 days (5 Adventure days) to recover if your roll determines survival.

The Lousaper race is dominant. So any offspring created by a Lousaper and the inter-species would instantly be born a full blooded Lousaper. A baby is usaully born the average weight of a human newborn being around 8 pounds. Their eyes are shut and take about a week to fully open. Boys are born slightly larger than girls, whom are a bit smaller in size. They are born with more 3 points to their humanity by a 2 d6. (HP + 2 d6 + 3 = Humanity).

Life-Span: If a Lousaper is lucky and survives they can live up to 1,000 years. But if a Lousaper isn’t so lucky and is closer to Lucifer, they live approximately 700 years sometimes even 200 years.


Male Lousapers are seven feet in height and are masculine in the chest and arms. The female Lousapers are five feet in height and lithe. Their bust size vary from a 36 C to a 36 DD depending on body structure of being curvy or very slender.

Fun Fact: The name ‘Lousaper’ is an actual female name derived from ‘Lucifer.’ The father all of Lousapers in this game is Lucifer, the first angel to fall. The morning star.

Example of Lousaper Names:


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